All Day Schooling

Our School is an all day comprehensive school. We have 6 periods (60 minutes each) per day with 2 breaks (30 and 60 minutes). Classes start at 8:00 am and finish in the afternoon (2:40 pm or 3:45 pm). There are no lessons on Tuesday afternoons.

Our students can have lunch in the cafeteria. Afterwards they can take part in anumber of free time activities like eg ball games, disco, computer club or table tennis and gymnastics in special rooms providing the necessary equipment. Furthermore there is a room just for girls. In our school building there is a public library where our students can read and relax.

In years 5 and 6 all students take part in study groups. As of year 7 study groups are optional. Depending on demand we offer up to 30 different activities. The most popular are music, drama, games (basketball, football, badminton), natural science, computing, dance and cooking.

An important addition to the curriculum are study periods in which students can do their homework and deepen their knowledge in different subjects. The form teachers are present for support. In years 5 and 6 two lessons of extra tuition provide for the particular talents of each student.